Learning body parts is a part of everyday life with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Kids are fascinated with who they are and the bodies they have. Creating an awareness of their bodies is also an important part of development.

Here at CECS, we start exploring different parts of the face from 12 months old working on more than just facial features, but also expressions.

The activities were a blast because kids could explore their faces through 3 different activities.  They absolutely loved it! Plus, this week was a fun week to explore different facial expressions such as happy, sad, angry, etc.

I hope you enjoyed it!

As 3 atividades praticadas abordaram reconhecimento facial e partes do rosto. As Crianças se divertiram bastante colando ou montando partes dos rostinhos de personagens do livro e também do seu próprio rosto.

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