Let´s go to the park!

This project was developed to help students from maternal 2 A to recognize some environmental features they can see at a park and appreciate the nature around them.
In the beginning of this project the students and the teacher painted a park themed panel in the class. The kids collaborated by stamping flowers, making birds and butterflies for the park panel.
The activities mainly focused on the beautiful nature children can see when they go to the park.The activities below were carried out during 5 classes:
• The students practiced vocabulary while painting an art on the panel (tree, grass, flowers, birds, butterfly, sun, clouds).
• Kidsexplored birds features and textures then painted and decorated their own birds with colorful feathers.
• Kids experienced flying their birds.
• Students colored and decorated butterflies.
The children felt very excited and proud because they helped painting and decorating the park panel.

Turma: Maternal 2 A
Teacher: Adrielly Oliveira

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